To be your best, you need the best and that is what SWIM FASTER NOW offers. Our lead coach has produced hundreds of Nationally ranked swims. He has coached 5 World Championships titles and helped another swimmer to win a World Championship. He has developed and/or worked with athletes who have made various National teams (World Championship, Paralympic Games and Olympic Games). He has coached numerous Provincial, National and World record swims.  He has coached various athletes that have made triathlon tour teams and worked with open water swim record setters. He has his own personal open water experience placing 2nd at the prestigious 1986 International Swimming Hall of Fame Ocean mile. He was an OUAA All Star and multiple time top ranked swimmer and has coached the National Para Swim Team on multiple occasions.


With over 30 years experience coaching and teaching technique, his unique building block approach teaches swimmers how to swim faster and with less effort.  The SWIM FASTER NOW methods are customized to the individual needs of each swimmer.  Whether you are new to the sport of competitive swimming or triathlon, the SWIM FASTER NOW system will get you where you need to be to accomplish your goals.

Swim Faster Now

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