My son started with this program last year and at his first triathlon, he won the swim component. Thanks for your great work at your stroke development clinics.
Jackie M.

I learned how to swim under the guidance of my coach at 17 and under his direction, I qualified for and competed at Olympic Trials at the age of 20! This program is amazing!!
Craig L.

I swam under this programs philosophy for years and swam fast. Then I moved off to university where I struggled with my technique and swam much slower. I am now back with the Swim Faster Now program and working on the Six Step Progression Drills To Faster Freestyle system. In the first hour back,  I instantly saw changes in how I swam and once again, I am swimming fast!! Thanks Swim Faster Now.
Andrew B. Bronze Medalist 2010 World Sprint Triathlon Championships.

Thank you  for all your guidance and encouragement in helping me achieve my goals. I now hold 5 Provincial records, several open water records and I am recognized both Nationally and Internationally. Your stroke techniques and training methods have given me the skills to succeed. Your insight into forecasting what an individual is capable of achieving has been a great motivator.
Wendy W.

I went from non swimmer to completing my first Iron Man Triathlon 2 years later.  Everyone told me this was not possible.  Thanks to learning the Six Step Progression Drills To Faster Freestyle, I proved everyone wrong.  Thanks Swim Faster Now!
Terry Z.


Picture 1 .Keep water line at back of head. Picture 2. Shoulder pointed up. Picture 3. Lead arm stretched forward and angled slightly down. Picture 4. Left arm out front, shoulder up and waterline at back of head. Picture 5. When breathing turn head to the right, keep contact when looking across water with inner bicep just behind the ear.

Swim Faster Now

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